Thursday, April 16, 2009

What is CashCrate Actually?

CashCrate (or CC) is a get-paid-to (GTP) where members are rewarded with cash for their time. It's absolutely free to join and you will never be asked for a credit card from CashCrate. When you sign up, you get a dollar instantly, just for providing your information. 

CashCrate works with several different companies and advertising networks to find offers for you to complete. When they find a company who wants to have their users try a product or service, it's listed on the site. When a user completes their offer through CashCrate, they report the completion to CC and then your account is credited by CC.

It's that Easy!

Also, you can make money just by referring new members. You can make 20% of whatever your referrals make and an extra 10% of whatever their referrals makes! It's a wonderful way to earn quick money. 

Members only need to be 13 years-old or older to join, so lots of students and underage people have done very well with CashCrate. 

I want to help you make money! So sign up today, don't waste any more time!

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This could be you!
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